Nominal vs Real 3-Month Interest Rate: 1934-2008

View Nominal vs Real 3-Month Interest Rate updated to 2010

I have plotted the 3-Month T-bills: Secondary Market rate (green line) vs the inflation adjusted (i.e. Real) 3-Month T-bills rate (orange) from Jan 1934-Sept 2008. The inflation number I used is CPI-U 3-month % change multiplied by 4.

Real Interest Rates
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Data from Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

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Share of GDP: 99th 95th 90th

In my earlier post, I graphed the share of GDP going to the bottom 90% and top 10%. In this graph I am comparing the bottom 99th, 95th and 90th Income/GDP ratios (including capital gains). The same pattern appears: the decline in GDP share occurring in the 70s for each percentile. Based on some comments on other graphs I posted I have added a few new items. First I am displaying recessions (via the gray bands) along with timeline of wars and presidential terms in order to provide some historical context. Second, I copied the data used in this graph into a Google spreadsheet which can be viewed by anyone with a Google Account.

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