I am Catherine Mulbrandon. I started this site in 2006 to share my data visualizations about the economy.

When I studied economics at the University of Chicago, I was taught theories about how the economy works but  economic data was hard to find in my textbooks and classes. And I believe confusion about what economic data looks like can lead to misunderstandings about the economy and the effect of public policy. Economic data is scattered over many websites like the IRS, the Census Bureau, the Congressional Budget Office and in academic journals. Some of the questions I have tried to answer with my graphics: How do people make a living in the United States? What is the typical income for different occupations? What has been the income growth over the past century and how does the United States compare to other countries? I gather all of this information in one place, making it accessible though clear easy to understand data graphics, removing the discomfort people often feel when they are presented with a spreadsheet of numbers. 

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