President Bush's 2005 income

From the AP via ABC News

President Bush reported adjusted gross income of $735,180 for last year, on which he paid $187,768 in federal taxes, according to the president's return released Friday by the White House.


The White House also released the 2005 tax return filed by Vice President Dick Cheney and his wife, Lynne. According to the return, the Cheneys have overpaid their taxes this year and are entitled to a refund of about $1.9 million. Their adjusted gross income was about $8.82 million.

. . .

I compared the incomes reported in this story to the Excel file (Table A6: Column S, Column U) produced by Emmanual Saez and Thomas Piketty. At $735,180 the Bushes' income would be in the Top 0.5% of all income in the United States. While the Cheneys' income of $8,820,000 place them in the Top 0.01%


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