Visualizing Survey Results 2010

In June, I posted a survey on my blog and received 145 responses. (Thanks to every one who took the time to fill it out!) In the 4.5 years I have been running this blog, I have been looking at my site stats and the email/comments I received but I thought it was time I try a survey to learn more about my visitors are looking for. The results are displayed in the graphic below. I tried to group the opened ended responses into categories so I could summarized them.

  • A majority of the surveys were filled out by people who subscribe to this site (in fact that was the purpose of their visit).
  • 18-34s year olds; with some graduate school; currently a student or working as a teacher (or both) but does not have a blog but has visited my site 2-4 times in the last month.
  • 35% of the people have be looking at economic sites 10 or more times over the last month while 60% came to my site looking for infographics visualization (which is not surprising)
  • One thing that did surprise me was the number of people identifying as engineers/software engineers.

One change I will be making based on this survey,  creating some original graphics focusing on financial markets which should make 70% of you happy. Also I am trying to optimize my process so I can make more graphics in less time (which I hope to include more non-US data). In addition, I have been thinking I should adding more explanations on the graphs and the process to make them, so that feedback confirms my suspicions. Look for these changes and more over the next few months.

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