US stock growth during "Roaring 20s" similar growth in 1990s

Another stock graph similar to Exponential Growth Rate of US Stocks since 1871 except this one is plotted on a semi-log scale to help illustrate the price movement of S&P Composite Index. For example, the percent change in the index's value during the 1990s "Internet Stock Bubble" (a little over  250%) was similar to the price change during the 10-years preceding the 1929 Stock Market Crash.

You can find the data at

Real Word Examples of Exponential Growth

Six real word examples of exponential growth in a Powerpoint slide show (3.7 MB) that includes 11 graphs of economic and financial data (linear and log scale). Data is from MeasuringWorth.orgYahoo Finance, and Irrational Exuberance. Links to the data sets are included in the file. Images can be printed (B&W or color) for handouts.

  • Real US GDP 1790-2012 (Linear & Log Graphs)
  • Real US Stock Prices 1871-2012 (Linear & Log Graphs)
  • General Electric Stock Price 1962-2013  (Linear & Log Graphs)
  • US Population 1790-2012 (Linear & Log Graphs)
  • Inflation Index 1774-2012 (Linear & Log Graphs) 
  • US GDP & Population 1790-2012 (Log Graph)

These graphs illustrate historical data series with constant growth rates and data series with changing growth rates over time. In addition, there is a example of adding/subtracting growth rates in log graph using US GDP, US Population & US GDP per person. 

*** A few of people have had difficulty downloading in Firefox, if the download link does not work, try to copying the link into another browser. ***

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