Overview of my crowdsource fundraising using Kickstarter

A quick recap of my experiences fundraising via Kickstarter for my Illustrated Guide to Income in the United States. (If you missed the deadline to back the project and you like to be notified when it is done then please subscribe to this blog by RSS or by Email.) Overall it was a very successful: over 60 days I got 325 backers and $14,124 dollars pledged. Average pledge of $43.46

A few observations:

  • Weekends were slower than weekday (especially Sunday).
  • Pledges always spiked the day I posted something new on my blog but this effect decreased over the 60 days.
  • When my graphs from my blog were reposted by Huffington Post this increased traffic to my website but other sites (like The Big Picture) recommending my Kickstarter project were more helpful in generating pledges
  • As the pledge drive went on I received more attention from Kickstarter "veterans" i.e. backers who pledged to multiple projects before pledging to mine. Because of the backers from VisualizingEconomics.com I was high on the list of popular projects in the Writing and Publishing category which meant other people could discover me. In the end, the money raised from this group (54 backers) covered the 5% Kickstarter fee especially since many of them contributed more than the minimum amount.

For other other funding experiences check out Craig Mod's review and this overview posted on the Kickstarter blog.

My posts will slow down for a while as I work on the Income Guide over the summer. But in the meantime you can checkout the interview I did for OWNI in April which you can read in French and in English.


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