Inflation vs Unemployment: Volcker Years

I have plotted the annual inflation (CPI-U) vs unemployment. The green line represents the time Paul Volcker was the Fed Chairman (August 6, 1979 – August 11, 1987). The gray line represent the years 1948-2007. {Click on the image to take a closer look} Volcker Years magnifying glass

Data from Bureau of Labor Statistics

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Income Gap and Marginal Tax Rate 1917-2006

From the Nation. The top graph shows the average income of the top o.o1% compared to the bottom 90%. The higher the peak the bigger the gap between the two groups. In 2006 you would need an income of over $10 million to make it into the top 0.01% while your income would have to be less than $100,000 to be in the bottom 90. The second graph shows the marginal tax rate over the same time period. Here is graph I created plotting similar data. {Click on the image to take a closer look} magnifying glass

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Rise of CEO pay vs their stock price in 2007

From the New York Times an interactive graphic which allows you to look up the CEO pay in 2007 and compare it to the change in their company's stock price (by Vu Nguyen, Kurl Russell, Tom Jackson). I took screenshots for 4 tech CEOs: Oracle, Microsoft, Google, and Apple. Size of the orange circle is the CEO's compensation. Keep in mind this does not include the increase value of stock options they currently own. {Click on the image to take a closer look} magnifying glass

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