US Inflation (Log) 1790-2015

Data Source: Measuring Worth | Made with GraphSketcher & Illustrator. Next week the same graph on a linear scale.

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Regional Economic Growth 1929-2008

From a series of maps I created (with the help of my urban geographer brother) I grabbed three different regions: North America, South America and East Asia for 5 different years.

In 1929, Canada, United States and Argentina were neck-and-neck in term of their wealth. While East Asia is poor to very poor.

In 1950, Venezuela with its oil wealth has surpassed Argentina along with the US and Canada.

By 1973, Japan has started to grow and by the 1990s South Korea and Thailand has as well. However, Argentina lags behind along with many of the other South American countries so by 2008 it is North America and East Asia which have countries with the highest GDP per person.

Data from Maddison Project


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The Wealth of Nations Over 2,000 Years

Some animated maps created with data from Maddison Project.

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